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by | Jul 31, 2020 | Health


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People seeking rewarding jobs may want to consider working at a Home Health Agency in Miami, FL. One reason is that the demand for both skilled and unskilled care givers is high and will remain so for several years. People are living longer and prefer to stay at home rather than move into assisted living settings or nursing homes.

Levels of Care

In some cases, people only need help temporarily while recovering from an illness or after having surgery. Light housekeeping, meal preparation, and help transferring from one room to another are a few examples. Range of motion (ROM) exercises to build strength, transportation to and from follow up appointments, and assistance with daily living skills may also be needed.

Home health aids can also assist with personal hygiene, ambulation, companionship, and stay overnight if necessary. Hours are flexible, so employees can elect to work full-time, part-time, or only as needed. A Home Health Agency in Miami, FL is the ideal place to find a second job or switch from a dead-end job to something more interesting. Training and development is provided to help employees with career advancement.

Opportunities for Nurses

Many licensed practical and registered nurses suffer from occupational burn-out when working for years in noisy and crowded hospitals, nursing homes, and rehabilitation settings. Twelve-hour shifts, working short-staffed, and not as much time to spend with patients gets frustrating after a while. Providing skilled care in individual homes is often a welcomed change for nurses.

Intravenous (IV) therapy, wound care, medication management, and monitoring folks with chronic conditions on a one-to-one basis offers less stress, a calmer environment, and more time to spend with patients than a large setting does. Post-operative care, working with doctors, and serving people at home allows nurses the opportunity to follow the progress of a person rather than simply treat needs for a few days or a week.


Established agencies, such as ALC Home Health, offer competitive pay, insurance and benefits to full-time employees, and advancement opportunities. Those interested in assisting the elderly with independence and helping provide a high quality of life can Browse the website to explore employment possibilities.

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