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When Your Loved One Needs the Best, Our Compassion and Hope Can Help

Intervention might be your last hope for a loved one who suffers from addiction. It can be a scary time for the whole family. When you’re looking for a safe facility for treatment, St Paul intervention in MN could be what your family needs to breathe again.

Family Involvement

Treatment specialists at St Paul intervention in MN suggest including the whole family in the recovery process. The initial intervention entails discussing the fear for your family member’s wellbeing. Family involvement will include different family members during the coming years, depending on the specific need at a particular time. A treatment plan includes one-on-one and group therapy and other individualized treatments for your loved one. One of the most difficult times for everyone involved in attending the intervention and each person taking responsibility for their own words and actions.

Recovery After Intervention

The recovery process that follows the intervention will be ongoing in some part for the rest of your loved one’s life. The involvement of family and friends might subside to some extent, but the person in recovery needs to be all in no matter what else is going on. Support for them from our team is constant, and respect is part of every aspect of their intervention and recovery.

Everyone Needs Help Sometimes

Family and friends are often afraid or embarrassed to seek help for their loved ones. An intervention can seem heavy-handed but talking with a professional who is trained in intervention proceedings can help set your mind at ease. Our treatment team understands how hard it is for you to take this step, but it is a life-saving step when you choose to hold an intervention.

We are here for you and your loved one during this difficult time. Contact Drew Horowitz and Associates, LLC, today to learn more about our intervention programs for many types of addiction.

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