What are Your Treatment Options for Kidney Cancer in Brick, NJ?

by | Apr 28, 2022 | Health


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It is time to consider treatment options after a diagnosis of kidney cancer. About one-third of the 300,000 kidney cancer survivors in the United States have or will develop kidney disease. You want to weigh the benefits of each kidney cancer treatment in Brick, NJ, against the possible risks and side effects.

What Stage of Cancer?

The stages of cancer consist of Roman numerals that range from I to IV. The lowest stage means the cancer has not spread pass the kidney. Your cancer has advanced with a diagnosis of stage IV. It also has spread to other parts of your body. Yet, local therapies are more effective when used in the earlier stages.

Surgical Procedures

Surgery is a kidney cancer treatment in Brick, NJ, that is an option depending on the location and stage of your cancer. A radical nephrectomy removes your kidney and the tumor. A partial nephrectomy removes the cancer and the surrounding kidney tissue.

Systemic Treatments

Medical researchers have developed drugs that target the changes in cells that cause cancer. Cancer patients receive the drugs orally or directly into their bloodstream to treat kidney cancer. Systemic treatments can reach cells anywhere in the body, shrink the tumor and slow down the growth of the cancer.

You should seek a second opinion to help with feeling more confident about choosing the right treatment plan. Clinical trials are one of the ways to get access to the newest treatments for cancer. You should ask your nephrologist if your hospital conducts clinical trials.

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