When Connecticut Men Will See Results After a Hair Restoration Treatment

by | Jan 20, 2021 | Hair Restoration


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Men who are losing their hair, especially men who feel that they have lost out on a romantic relationship, a job, or another opportunity because of their hair loss, want quick results when they opt for a hair transplant in Connecticut.

Many are interested in knowing how long it will be before the signs of growth are visible. It’s good to remember that hair growth is a slow process. Even individuals who have not experienced hair loss know that if you shave off all of your hair, it’s going to take some time before new hair grows. It could take months before your hair returns to its pre-shaven state.

These are the same principles that apply with hair transplants in Connecticut. After the procedure, you may need to wait up to four months before you start to see the results. This is because your hair has a natural growth cycle. There are always some hair follicles that produce hair and others that do not. The full effect of the procedure should be seen in around 12 months. When you hit the one year mark, you will be enjoying hair growth in the area that you had transplanted.

It is good to know in advance what you should expect from hair regrowth. This will prevent you from getting disappointed if it seems like your hair is not growing as quickly as you would like. Remember, it took time for you to lose your hair. It is going to take time for the hair to regrow.

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