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What Patients Need To Know About Dental Implants In Mt Pleasant, SC

In South Carolina, dental implants are a viable solution for replacing missing teeth. The products are superior to options such as dentures or bridges. The devices require surgical installation and aren’t covered by most dental insurance plans. However, the products are long-lasting replacement options. A local dentist provides Dental Implants Mt Pleasant, SC for patients who want a better replacement choice.

Why are Bone Grafts Required?

Bone grafts are completed according to the strength of the patient’s jawbone. If the patient underwent cancer treatments, the jawbone will lose strength and bone density. The dentist conducts several bone grafts until the jaw is strong enough to support the implants.

How are Dental Implants Installed?

The dentist starts with the titanium root. The root is installed through the tooth socket and secured deep into the jawbone. Once the gums heal, the dentist connects the dental implant crown to the root with an abutment. The process is repeated for each implant installed. However, if a section of implants is installed, the dentist installs up to four roots to connect to a plate.

What are the Benefits of the Implants?

The dental implants function exactly like natural teeth and even look more natural than other replacement options. The implants remain white and resist stains from smoking and red wine. The products are strong and long-lasting. The longevity of the dental implants is around ten to fifteen years. However, if the patient completes proper oral care, the implants could last far longer.

After-Care Requirements For Dental Implants

Patients use their preferred dental hygiene products after the implant surgery. If the patient develops an infection after the surgery, they should report it to their dentist. Typically, the patient is provided pain medication to manage any pain or discomfort following the procedure.

In South Carolina, dental implants are natural-looking replacement options that last for several years. The dental crowns are connected to a titanium root and secured in the jawbone. The products are a better solution than dentures and bridges. Although the products aren’t covered by insurance, they provide more benefits than other selections. Patients who want to schedule an appointment for Dental Implants Mt Pleasant, SC contact Solomon Family Dentistry right now.

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