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Speak to a Veterinary Service in Bel Air, MD About Scheduling a Pet Health Check

If you own a dog or cat, he or she is a pet that is a valued member of your household. That is why it is imperative that your pet receives ongoing veterinary care. Even if you believe your dog or cat is healthy, they still cannot speak for themselves. That is why you must take a stance to ensure that your pet remains free of illness or disease.

Breed-Specific Illnesses

Besides obtaining the needed inoculations, pets can receive the benefits of a veterinary service in Bel Air, MD to get checked for breed-specific conditions. When you can schedule local exams every six months, you can avoid some serious health problems – problems that can be prevented and treated before they become major illnesses.

Giving Your Pet Every Health Advantage

No one should own a dog or cat, or another type of pet, without providing the animal with the best veterinary service in their community. Your dog or cat is your constant companion. Therefore, you owe it to your pet to give him or her every advantage for living a quality life. Our pets, by comparison, do not live as long as our human friends. That is why veterinary care, must take precedence.

Age-Related Illnesses or Problems

You should also know the number of a good veterinary service to ensure a good life for your pet as it ages. When you adopt a dog or cat of a certain breed, check out any age-related conditions that are specific to the pet’s breed. For instance, Golden Retrievers often succumb to cancer as they age, as well as conditions such as hip dysplasia. That is why it is important to learn all you can about some of the illnesses that could affect your pet.

Who to Contact in Bel Air

Typically, pets that are not a specific breed enjoy better health, and are more resilient to health problems and illnesses. However, that does not mean you should overlook their health needs. You can find a friend and veterinary provider when you contact an animal clinic, such as Chadwell Animal Hospital. If you have not had your pet checked lately, make an appointment today.

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