What You Need to Know About Urgent Care EHR Software Solutions

by | Apr 6, 2020 | Healthcare


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The healthcare industry has been in a state of transition over the last 20 years as many practices have implemented an electronic alternative to traditional paper charting. Implementing electronic healthcare systems yields many benefits and has been proven to assist healthcare professionals in the administration of a higher quality of healthcare.


Electronic Medical Records (EMR) are excellent tools and allow more accurate data tracking while providing an ideal environment for improved healthcare experience. Electronic Health Records (EHR) is a much more robust tool as it includes complete patient history. Urgent Care EHR software solutions are centered on the overall health of the patient, which includes labs, allergies and PACS images, and it shares the data in real-time.

Streamlined Patient Visits

Clinical environments are in an excellent state when patient visits are streamlined while providing a comprehensive and complete healthcare experience. Having efficient patient flow will increase patient satisfaction and promote patient loyalty. Urgent care EHR software solutions can identify patient care logjams to allow healthcare professionals to implement strategies that increase efficiency. EHR systems also help delegate non-clinical tasks to support staff, allowing the physicians to focus on patients.

Complete Patient Clinical Data

An Effective EHR system includes a comprehensive and integrated data repository of a patient’s health record history, which allows healthcare professionals to understand the complete picture of each patient’s overall health. EHR systems provide enhanced patient experiences with an increase in accuracy and completeness of documentation.

Medication History Manager

EHR software systems include a digital prescription writer called ePrescripting, which helps eliminate errors and offers an extra layer of control for the distribution of medications. The ePrescripting system integrated as part of the EHR software is also an added convenience, which contributes to patient satisfaction by eliminating long wait times at the pharmacy. Real-time formulary compliance, drug/disease and drug/allergy interactions round out a comprehensive, fully integrated EHR software system.

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