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Provide Care for Your Feet by Making an Appointment With a Podiatrist

Sometimes, you might have issues with your feet that you can’t solve on your own. These could be infections on your toenail or unexplained pain. After trying medications and other treatments, consider visiting a podiatrist in Bolingbrook who can provide medications and treatments so that your feet are in the best health.


After visiting your primary care doctor, you might receive a referral to a podiatrist in Joliet. This order is usually given when your primary care doctor is unsure of how to treat the issue that you have with your foot.


Fluid that collects in your feet should be addressed. It could be an indication of an infection or an issue with circulation in your body. If the swelling that you experience is accompanied by pain or redness, then you should consider making an emergency appointment with a podiatrist in Bolingbrook as this could lead to an infection circulating through the rest of your body.


When you hold your foot a certain way, you might experience a numb feeling. However, if your feet are numb throughout the day or at night without any odd movements, then it could be a sign of circulation issues or issues with your nerves that need to be addressed.

Sores That Don’t Heal

If there are any sores or ulcers that won’t heal after medications are used, then it could be a sign that you’re a diabetic or that there is another health issue present. If you are a diabetic, then seeing a podiatrist is important so that the doctor can monitor the condition of your feet to prevent sores.

Contact Suburban Foot & Ankle Associates if you have concerns about your feet.

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