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What To Expect From a Luxury Facility That Offers Assisted Living

After making the decision to go to an assisted living facility or to help a family member move to a facility, you need to begin looking at the amenities that are offered so that the best care possible is provided. When you look into luxury assisted living in Sebastian, FL, you’ll notice that the care is often elevated and that the services and amenities that are provided are elevated as well. Here are a few differences that you’ll usually see compared to a traditional facility.

Staying Active

Most assisted living communities offer activities for residents to enjoy, but a luxury facility usually has a budget that can include more activities and those that aren’t always on the property. They can typically offer events that are considered high-end as well, such as social dances or trips to other cities. The overall goal is to try to keep residents entertained and as active as possible mentally and physically.


One of the details about luxury assisted living in Sebastian, FL, that you’ll notice is that the property is typically maintained better than other properties. This is because the facility has more money to spend on landscaping and wants to display a beautiful property inside and out. There are often outdoor features for residents and guests to enjoy, such as benches, water fountains and flower gardens. The rooms and common areas in the facility are often better maintained and tend to have updated features, such as new furnishings and new paint or floors.


Many luxury assisted living facilities offer concierge services that you won’t find at other facilities. Residents don’t have to navigate the property as much if they don’t want to leave their room because there is someone who can deliver a meal or help with a bath. There is usually someone available to help with getting belongings moved into the rooms or to offer assistance with scheduling visits to doctors as well.

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