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A Family Physician in Andover, Kansas Encourages Adults to Have Recommended Immunizations

Many adults never get an immunization aside from the yearly flu shot, and a large number of adults never even bother with that. This frustrates a family physician in Andover, Kansas who then has to manage situations where patients develop preventable illnesses. Doctors encourage all men and women to learn which vaccinations and booster shots are recommended for various age groups.

Booster Shots

A booster shot providing protection against pertussis, commonly called whooping cough, should be obtained during adolescence. If that does not happen, the person should have this shot during adulthood. The original vaccine only provides minimal protection after many years have passed. Adults also are encouraged to have tetanus and diphtheria booster shots every 10 years.

Many people do not bother with these vaccinations because it seems so unlikely they will ever be at risk of infection. Perhaps the only person they’ve ever known who had pertussis is an elderly grandparent, having suffered from the disease before the vaccine was available.

Most U.S. residents have never known anyone who contracted tetanus. The idea of developing a tetanus infection may seem completely improbable. Aren’t those shots mainly intended for young children who run around barefoot and might get a puncture wound from a rusty nail?

The idea that there is no risk factor to adults from these illnesses in the 21st century is a misconception. And all of those diseases can cause very serious symptoms and even fatalities.

The Shingles Vaccination

The shingles vaccination is recommended for people ages 60 and over who have had chickenpox at any point in their lives and never received this immunization. People 65 and older also should receive one pneumonia vaccination from a family physician in Andover, Kansas.

Important Considerations

Before obtaining any immunizations, adults will want to talk with a doctor at a clinic such as Wichita Family Medicine Specialists about any health conditions they have and about lifestyle factors. Some conditions and lifestyle factors put people at greater risk of certain illnesses, like hepatitis. Other disorders, such as HIV or other immune system conditions, make it unsafe to receive certain immunizations.

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