What Should Women Know About Hormone Replacement Therapy in Louisville, KY?

by | Jan 22, 2016 | Weight Loss


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When a woman goes through menopause, her levels of estrogen and progesterone begin to fall. Unfortunately, this can cause a myriad of unwanted symptoms that can be difficult for many women to deal with. Menopause means the cessation of a woman’s menstrual cycle. This rarely occurs before the age of forty-five, though some women can go through menopause as early as their thirties. So a woman does not have to suffer from the annoying symptoms of menopause, she can undergo Hormone Replacement Therapy in Louisville KY. Hormone replacement seeks to increase levels of female hormones, so a woman is more comfortable as she goes through menopause and adjusts to the new body changes.

The signs of menopause include:

  *    A cessation of monthly menstrual cycles

  *    Hot flashes (one of the primary symptoms menopausal women report)

  *    Increased vaginal dryness

  *    Painful intercourse

  *    Problems with sleep cycles

  *    Frequent urination

  *    Urinary incontinence

  *    Decreased sex drive

  *    Shrinking of the vaginal tissues

  *    Depression and mood swings

  *    Hair thinning and loss

When these symptoms are getting in the way of a woman living a normal life, she may need to ask her doctor about Hormone Replacement Therapy in Louisville KY. Hormone replacement therapy can change a menopausal woman’s life in profound ways. This therapy helps to reduce the threats of heart failure and attack, increases muscle function and, most importantly, reduces, or even eliminates, the symptoms menopausal women go through.

This therapy can allow a woman to protect her reproductive health and regain her sexual life. Sex soon becomes more comfortable and even enjoyable for women who are treated with hormone therapy. Since these treatments also lift the depression and stop the mood swings, they can be critical, and even life-saving, for many women.

If you are interested in learning more about these treatments, you can discover more when you visit the website at . InShapeMD can help you overcome those unwanted menopausal symptoms and get back to living a normal life. Call the office today for an appointment so you can get started. With these treatments, you can say goodbye to hot flashes forever.

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