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Using Doctors In Maui To Help With Common Injuries

When someone suffers from an injury, knowing how to treat it properly is key in their continued good health. There are some instances when treating at home just isn’t enough to help the person feel better. In these instances, going to an urgent care to see Doctors in Maui may be needed.

When someone gets a cut and starts to bleed, the affected area needs to be cleaned so bacteria do not get into the wound. Rinse the wound under water and immediately apply a piece of gauze to try to stop the bleeding. This will help the blood to clot at the cut. Keep it in place for several minutes while applying pressure. If the bleeding appears to have stopped or slowed down, a clean dressing can be placed on the wound. If the bleeding does not stop at all, the person should go to an urgent care center. They would determine whether stitches would need to be applied to stop the bleeding.

If someone bumps their head, they will need to be monitored to make sure they are not suffering from a concussion. Place an ice pack on the affected area to help reduce swelling. If the bumped area is extremely painful or if the person has difficulty with their memory, they should see a doctor right away. It is important to try to keep a person with a bumped head awake for several hours after the incident. This will give others time to observe their actions to determine whether they are displaying signs of memory loss or other cognitive functions.

When someone injures a limb make it in difficult to move, they may want to have it checked by a doctor. A bone may have become broken during the incident causing the injury. This would be treated by doctors in the correct manner.

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