What Is Whiplash And How Is It Treated?

by | Feb 2, 2024 | Chiropractor


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Though whiplash is often associated only with car accidents, it can be caused by a variety of reasons. Athletes are often vulnerable to this type of injury. Whiplash is caused by the head being jerked violently forward or backward. When this happens, you may experience pain, lowered range of motion, neck stiffness, headaches and neck tenderness. Unfortunately, the symptoms of whiplash do not always show up right away. In some cases, people feel immediate pain, while others may not experience pain for days and even weeks after an accident. If you notice these signs of whiplash, it is important you receive Whiplash Care Jacksonville FL. They can properly treat your whiplash, so your neck will heal and your pain will be relieved.

To treat your whiplash, Chiropractic Injury Solutions will first examine your neck and take X-rays. If the injury is severe, an MRI may be ordered, to show the soft tissue injuries. It is important your neck is iced for the first twenty-four hours of care. This will help to reduce the swelling and ease the pain.

For the first few days of treatment, your neck will be immobilized, through a soft neck brace or collar. This collar will only be used a few days, until the intense pain subsides. Long-term use of collars can sometimes weaken the neck muscles and further compound the injury.

After the first twenty-four hours, you can use heat instead of ice, to relieve your pain. Your doctor may also advise you to take pain medications for a few days after your injury. This will depend on how severe your pain is.

Through chiropractic care, your whiplash injury can be treated. This will relieve the pain you are feeling and help you to regain your range of motion. Studies have shown chiropractic care is one of the most effective treatments for this type of neck injury. If you are in need of treatment or would like further information on whiplash injuries or chiropractic care, contact Chiropractic Injury Solutions.

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