Learning About Spinal Stenosis As A Cause Of Chronic Back Pain In Boca Raton FL

by | Feb 2, 2024 | Orthopedic clinic


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People over the age of 50, as well as young adults who have experienced a back injury, have a greater risk of a condition medically known as spinal stenosis. Some individuals develop spinal stenosis because the condition runs in the family or because they have scoliosis, which is an abnormal curvature of the spine. Spinal stenosis can cause chronic Back Pain in Boca Raton FL because it narrows the normal spaces in the spinal cord or between vertebral bones. That narrowing puts pressure on nerves.

Depending on where the problem occurs, the patient may experience pain or numbness in the upper or lower back, neck, shoulders or legs. Some individuals even develop urinary incontinence because of loss of nerve sensation. People commonly find relief through treatment at a clinic such as Boca Raton Orthopaedic Group for this condition. Anyone who is interested in chiropractic care may for details on this particular clinic.

Arthritis is the underlying cause of spinal stenosis. Any type of arthritis that affects the spine can lead to this condition and result in chronic Back Pain in Boca Raton FL. As the problem progresses, the bones can develop areas of overgrowth known as spurs Ligaments around the spine may thicken. All these developments worsen the pain and numbness. The quality of life is reduced and the person typically becomes more sedentary. Spinal stenosis may become debilitating and cause the need for daily pain medication of a relatively high dosage.

A study published in the Journal of Chiropractic Medicine in 2009 described the researchers’ search for relevant information on chiropractic care for spinal stenosis patients. They discovered a scarcity of research, but the studies that had been completed indicate improvements for the patients. The available research focused on lower back pain caused by this disorder. A survey of hundreds of spinal stenosis patients found that about one-third had gone to a chiropractor for help.

Chiropractors generally prefer to provide complementary treatment for spinal stenosis, according to the research. That means these patients should also be receiving traditional medical care along with their chiropractic therapy. The combination of alternative therapy by a chiropractor and medical care from a physician is likely to be most effective.

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