What Is Sports Physical Therapy?

by | May 8, 2019 | Physical Therapy


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Most sportspeople will injure themselves at some point. When the injury is serious or causes prolonged health problems, a physical therapist can help. Sports physical therapy focuses on the types of injuries commonly associated with athletic pursuits. Sports injuries can be difficult to diagnose properly. What, at first, might seem little more than a sprain can turn out to be far worse. A sports physical therapist has the equipment and the expertise to deal with these types of injuries. A sports-related injury is less common amongst those who maintain themselves in peak condition; however, the majority of Americans do not. They lead sedentary lives. Periodic running, jumping, swimming, or gym exercise can strain an out-of-condition body.

The body parts that are most prone to sports-related injury are the leg, particularly the knees, hips, and ankles. The knee is a weak joint. The cartilage can be damaged if the knee takes an impact the wrong way. Damage to the ACL is another sports injury often seen by the PTs at Total Therapy Florida. This injury is common in those who play a contact sport such as football or hockey.

There are several options available for those who have been injured while playing sports. However, your PT in Osprey is the best judge of what orthopedic physical therapy is best suited for your particular injury. The best PTs will develop a specialized treatment plan that minimizes stress and facilitates recovery. Regaining your strength and agility after being injured can be a long, difficult road. Sports medicine utilizes the last techniques and technologies available to restore an injured athlete to full physical health and potential. PTs are trained in pain management techniques, movement, and anatomy. Many PTs focus on sports therapy. Many work holistically to create a treatment plan that works for a specific situation and to accelerate complete rehab.

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