What is Involved in Obstetrical Care?

by | Sep 14, 2016 | Health Care


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Prime health care for all patients is the goal of all medical facilities. For the most part, a family practice physician can handle the routine health care needs of all patients. However, certain patients need specialized care. For example, children may need the unique skills of a pediatrician to attend to health care needs that are particular to children. Females will require Obstetrical Care from an obstetrician or gynecologist (usually referred to as OB/GYN). There are obstetricians who are available to provide such care to women at a hospital in the Illinois Valley. Here are some of the specific services offered.

Obstetrical care involves the care of pregnant women through the pregnancy to the labor and the postpartum period. Women who come to the facility in search of obstetrical health care will find that they are offered regular obstetrical exams as needed. They will be offered prenatal screenings that will keep the obstetrician and expectant mother abreast of any possible complications along the way. An example of such a screening is for the possibility of Down’s Syndrome. In this way, neither the doctor nor the mother will be caught off guard by unexpected surprises.

In addition to checking the status of the fetus during obstetrical care, special attention is also given to the mother. She is checked for the possibility of complications of intercurrent diseases. If she has diseases such as diabetes, lupus, or thyroid issues, she has to be monitored carefully for any dangerous changes to her body because of the pregnancy. It may be that her illness can move to a fatal stage. This could be for either her or her baby. Whatever medical interventions are necessary are taken.

St. Margaret’s Hospital has been providing obstetrical care and other medical care for patients in the Illinois Valley area for over 113 years. Some of the various other medical services include orthopedic care, ear, nose, and throat care as well as family health care. In addition, these services are offered in an atmosphere that is conducive to healing. If any women in Spring Valley or the surrounding areas are interested in Obstetrical Care, St. Margaret’s is available. For more information, visit the website or their Facebook page.

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