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How to Choose a Family Physician

A family physician is a doctor who is trained to provide medical care to all members of the family. From infancy through old age, family doctors provide basic care for all stages of life and recommend patients to specialists when necessary. They form relationships with their patients and have a good understanding of their medical histories and those of their families. Extensive training and continued education allow these physicians to stay up to date with medical technology and provide excellent care. Need to find a new Family Physician in Andover Kansas? Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Prevention is the Best Cure

For those who are not currently experiencing any chronic or acute medical difficulties, it can seem like it’s okay to put off searching for a new doctor until problems arise. This is a mistake. Well visits for both children and adults are an essential element of any family care practice. Annual physicals and preventative care help to ensure continued good health and an early diagnosis of any potential problems that may arise. They also allow a patient’s doctor to form a relationship with them, so when something does come up the doctor will have a good understanding of the patient’s medical history and personal background.

Consider Practical Concerns

Where is the office located? What are their hours? Do they provide emergency care in addition to scheduled appointments? What types of insurance do they accept? These are all important questions to ask that can help narrow down the search for a Family Physician in Andover Kansas. Ask around to family and friends, look at reviews online, and try to get a feel for the practice before scheduling an appointment.

It’s Okay to Ask Questions

Patients need to be comfortable talking to their primary care physician and any associated staff in order to ensure full disclosure and adequate care. Ask any important questions before making a decision. Is the doctor or the staff able to address any concerns in an understandable way? Pay attention during the first visit. Was there enough time to address any concerns or was the staff rushing patients out as quick as possible?

Wichita Family Medicine Specialists LLC treats patients with dignity and respect regardless of age or health. Their practice is a good place to start.

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