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Ways to Help Your Child Improve Articulation in Philadelphia, PA

If your child has articulation difficulty, helping them can be a frustrating experience, for both you and your child. Articulation refers to the child’s physical ability to move their jaw, tongue, teeth, and lips in order to produce speech. While medical professionals can help with this condition, you can also help your child improve their articulation by following these simple steps.

Perform Revision

One of the ways to improve articulation in Philadelphia, PA, is through practicing revision with your child. This technique involves you repeating the words that your child said incorrectly with the proper pronunciation. The benefit of revision is that it can be done at any time and in any setting. You can simply perform revision in the kitchen while making dinner or during television commercials.

Reading to Your Child

Reading plays a vital role in helping to develop your child’s speech patterns. When your child listens to you, you are able to model the correct pronunciation of new and familiar words. This method of helping to improve articulation in Philadelphia, PA, is particularly effective because it allows you to provide a speech lesson designed as play.

Incorporate Software Games

Most children love software games and computer apps. Educational tools have a variety of software apps available to help your child learn and grow. Articulation has apps available that help your child listen, record, and practice the correct pronunciation of words. Using apps to help your child with their articulation can help reduce some of their frustration that they may otherwise experience.
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