How Physical Therapists in Colorado Springs Can Alleviate Chronic Pain

by | Jan 28, 2021 | Healthcare


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Suffering chronic pain is a major inconvenience for many. There are many different treatments that physicians prescribe to help alleviate the pain, which can include medications, surgery, or physical therapy. Taking strong medication doses or having surgery, however, are not ideal options for most. Instead, physical therapy has given many patients positive results in helping to relieve chronic pain without the hassle of surgery or prescriptions. The Colorado Springs Physical Therapist offers a variety of treatments that has been a great help to their patients.

Physical Therapists can help with mild to severe back problems. Treatments can include electrical therapy, heat and ice, and massage that can alleviate back pain. Apart from these services, the Physical Therapists educate patients on low impact exercises and stretching sessions that can help loosen and strengthen back muscles. Once the therapist has reviewed your medical records and identifies your exact issues, they will devise a program specifically for you.

Physical therapy is also beneficial for those who may need to regain the use of their limbs. If you have been in an accident and suffered an injury, seeing a physical therapist can help you recover more quickly. Special exercises that are taught by Colorado Springs Physical Therapist can increase the strength in the lower and upper body. These exercises are performed in the office but can also be done at home once the patient is comfortable that they know the proper form.

For noticeable differences in alleviating chronic pain, improving movement, or healing injuries in the back, neck, or limbs, visit our website to see which services would work for you. We want you to enjoy every day without any pain and will build a plan that caters to you.

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