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by | Apr 6, 2016 | Audiology


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Many people experience hearing loss as they age. In fact, family members or friends may notice it first. They may have to speak louder to get your attention. Or, you may recognize it in small ways. One common example is not being able to hear on the phone. Hearing loss does not have to be a burden. There are hearing aids and other devices that really help. Visit an audiologist to get tested.

An audiologist in Knoxville TN looks at each patient’s test results. They will make a recommendation as to the best aid for you. There are two types of hearing aids, one worn behind the ear and the other inside. The behind-the-ear model comes in various sizes and colors. Sound travels down a thin tube into the ear. The inside-the-ear version comes in different sizes, as well. Some are so small they fit inside the ear canal. On the other hand, larger models sit in the outer ear. The professionals at Audiolife make sure patients have the aid that works for them.

Lifestyle is a determining factor in the aid you need. For instance, a musician may need a special device. In addition, patients who travel a lot may require a device that screens out background noise. An Audiologist in Knoxville TN usually has basic, medium and premium hearing aids. Most basic devices allow the wearer to hear better in just about any situation. Additionally, the device quiets loud noises. The medium hearing aid gives the user a more natural hearing experience. It adjusts automatically for clearer hearing. Likewise, phone calls can be heard clearly in both ears. The premium devices automatically adjust and zeroes in on conversations. It has the highest resolution of the three and detects music automatically.

Audiologists recommend wearing two hearing aids if there is loss in both ears. Users have improved and clearer hearing with two aids. Whatever type of device one gets, they must work closely with the audiologist. Wearing a hearing aid is like learning to hear all over again. Hopefully, the adjustment period only lasts a few weeks. The sooner you call an audiologist, the quicker your hearing will improve.

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