Tired Of Fighting The Scales? Consider Medical Weight Loss in Fairfield CT

by | Apr 6, 2016 | Health


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It is estimated that two thirds of Americans are overweight, while one in three adults in the United States is considered to be obese. And almost everyone who tries to shed those unwanted pounds usually attempts it on their own. From over-the-counter “miracle” pills, to weird fad diets and the newest craze in workouts, it seems folks will try just about anything to knock down that number on the bathroom scales.

The trouble is, most people are unaware of what underlying factors have caused their weight gain in the first place, let alone how to combat them — in short, they simply don’t know how to lose weight. So they try the latest trend in dropping pound and then, not surprisingly, they fail to lose weight, or they do lose, only to find they’ve gained it back in short order (and maybe even then some more!). Who wouldn’t feel defeated, and want to give up after that?

A better solution may be to enlist the help of a physician. You can find doctors who specialize in Medical Weight Loss in Fairfield CT, who will take you through a comprehensive evaluation before prescribing a diet plan designed specifically for your individual needs. They incorporate thorough medical and nutritional assessments, which can include allergy and food sensitivity tests, hormonal studies, and other tests.

If you know that part of your weight issue is caused by mental or emotional stresses, you will probably want to go with a physician who takes those factors into account as well. With this whole-body approach to weight loss, you will be armed with a solid game plan for losing weight, along with a coach who can assess your progress, and has the knowledge to make any tweaks in the plan to ensure that you are as successful as possible.

One added benefit to supervised Medical Weight Loss in Fairfield CT is that you won’t be going it alone. You will have a support system, someone in your corner who will not only help keep you on track, but can keep you motivated through the ups and downs. Click Here to learn more about the advantages of medical weight loss, and if it is the right program for you.

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