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Using A Speech Pathologist In Old Saybrook, CT

Frequently, individuals who have been ill and/or hospitalized need therapy. A complete recovery requires that they get their strength back. Likewise, people who have fallen or suffered strokes may need therapy. More than likely, the doctor prescribes in-patient rehabilitation. One can go to rehab at a rehabilitation center or a nursing home. Patients receive therapy based on their needs including physical, occupational and speech therapy. Therapy is targeted at getting the patient back to their regular routine.

Most rehabilitation facilities have a social worker on staff. They are able to connect the patient with service providers that can help them. For instance, Meals on Wheels is a good program for someone who is recovering. Until they are able to cook, the program provides hot meals. Medicare pays for rehabilitation if certain requirements are met. First, the physician must order it and the stay must be at least three days. Further, the patient must enter the facility within thirty days of release from the hospital. Often, people need help from a Speech Pathologist in Old Saybrook CT.

Stroke patients often need help re-learning speech. A stroke can affect memory and the ability to speak. Likewise, speech therapy helps with swallowing difficulties. Gladeview Rehabilitation and Health Care provides help from a Speech Pathologist in Old Saybrook Ct. Occupational therapy is another important service. These therapists design activities to work on using the arms. In addition, therapists help people with vision and perception deficits. For example, occupational therapists help people cope who may be blind or becoming blind. They show them how to use various tools to make life easier.

Physical therapy is a key part of what goes on at a facility. This is especially important for people who have broken bones or had a joint replaced. The physical therapist designs individual exercises aimed at improving one’s range of motion and limb strength. Additionally, the program works on balance and endurance. Not surprisingly, they train people who need assistive devices. People do not automatically know how to use wheelchairs or scooters. Rehabilitation centers have an important role, helping people ease back into a routine.

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