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Have Proactive and Reactive Measures Covered with Occupational Health in Cincinnati, OH

For workplaces across the country, communication is vital to efficient operations. In order for this information exchange to take place, employees must interact with each other. Even in this digital era, where phones and email have become completely ingrained into people’s personal and professional lives, in-person contact is still required at some point. Unfortunately, the physical synergy necessary for swapping ideas and discussing issues also means sharing any number of airborne pathogens.

Communicable illnesses are responsible for countless employee sick days. Though they can’t be completely eliminated, they can be controlled to some degree. With Occupational Health in Cincinnati OH your company can provide employees readily available access to the medical care needed to help reduce recovery time and get them back to work. Health care professionals can also help teach your staff more effective ways of preventing the spread of sicknesses.

Your company probably has a certain protocol to follow as part of the new employee hiring process. In all likelihood, drug testing is part of the package. Occupational Health in Cincinnati OH also covers this and other prerequisites, such as DOT physicals and controlled substance screenings. By developing a partnership with a clinic offering these services, your company can not only have testing carried out but receive test results more quickly.

No matter the type of industry your company serves, on-the-job injuries are bound to happen. Ensuring your employees receive treatment for these injuries is crucial to their own health as well as that of your business. Having a medical team certified by the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation on your side is beneficial on a number of levels. Aside from immediate care following an injury, your employees will be able to receive any necessary rehabilitation to help speed their recoveries.

Eastside Urgent Care is a DOT and BWC certified clinic providing occupational health services for local businesses. From annual vision screenings and physicals to on-site x-rays, injury treatment, and rehabilitation, they offer the types of care your employees need to remain healthy. Proactive measures such as flu shots and education on the spread of contagions are available along with reactive solutions to the many issues encountered in America’s workplaces.

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