Understanding Type II Diabetes in Oakland, CA

by | Jul 18, 2019 | Health


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Type II Diabetes Oakland CA is now the most common form of this disease. With this disease, the body is unable to use insulin properly and symptoms appear. This is known as insulin resistance, and if left untreated the disease can be fatal. When the person first develops this condition, the pancreas starts to make additional insulin to overcome this resistance. However, as time passes, the pancreas is no longer about to produce enough insulin to keep the person’s blood glucose levels normal. Fortunately, there are treatments available to assist these individuals.

Why Diabetes is Dangerous

When a person suffers from this condition, glucose begins to accumulate in the blood rather than moving into the cells. The cells of the body then become starved for energy. If treatment is not sought, a person’s kidneys, nerves, heart, or eyes may be damaged, and these are only a few of the risks associated with this disease.

The Symptoms of Diabetes

A person suffering from Type II Diabetes Oakland CA may first notice he or she is thirsty all the time. Some people realize they are hungry and cannot seem to take in enough food while others go to the bathroom more often to urinate. Blurred vision, fatigue, and unexplained weight loss are other symptoms a person may experience along with sores that don’t seem to want to heal. Frequent infections have been reported, along with patches of dark skin that often appear in the neck or armpits.

Treating Diabetes

A person might find he or she can control their diabetes by eating healthy and exercising regularly. However, some individuals require insulin or oral medications to maintain the correct blood glucose level. In addition, the condition must be monitored as type II diabetes typically gets worse with time.

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