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3 Reasons Customers Schedule Stair Lift Installation in Pittsburgh, PA Homes

It is becoming common for multi-story Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania homes to include mechanical lifts installed on stairways. Mobility-challenged residents who want to gain more independence often arrange for Stair Lift Installation in Pittsburgh PA homes. Homeowners who find it difficult to climb stairs without falling may use the devices. Seniors often have lifts added so they do not have to move to one-story homes.

Stair Lifts Increase Independence

Experts like McArdle Surgical often install stair lifts for homeowners who are confined to certain areas of their homes because of pain or health conditions. Some have lived on a single floor for years, even though their homes have two or more stories. Stair lifts allow them to move safely from room to room and go about their daily tasks with little or no assistance. Stair Lift Installation in Pittsburgh PA helps many customers who can walk freely but suffer pain from disease or injuries. Mechanical lifts provide freedom and independence.

A Stair Lift Can Prevent Falls

Homeowners who may have problems with sight or balance often order stair lifts so they can avoid dangerous falls. They sit in comfortable chairs and use controls that let them glide safely between floors. Lifts are popular among clients who live alone in homes with one or more flights of stairs. Many worry about falling, being injured, and not being found. Having a lift brings them peace of mind.

Seniors Can Age in Place

Stair lifts are popular among older clients who want to remain in their homes for life. Many live in beloved homes that were ideal when they were younger, but present challenges as they age. Steep stairways can be such a problem that owners sell their homes rather than risk injuries or not having the strength to walk up and down stairs. With that in mind, many older clients modify their homes so they can age in place. They often add stair lifts as part of renovations.

Many homeowners with mobility issues have stair lifts professionally installed so they can move about safely, without pain. Stair lifts are also popular among clients who want to avoid falling on stairs as well as seniors who choose to age in place. You can also follow them on Facebook.

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