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Understanding Elder Healthcare in Tampa, FL

Many types of caregivers provider Elder Healthcare in Tampa FL. As a result, families may be confused as to who to hire. Following is an overview of the different types.

Personal Care Aides

A personal care aide does not require a license, thus families must carefully examine their training and skills. An individual serving in this position serves as a companion to the client and helps with basic tasks such as getting dressed. They often transport individuals to appointments and errands. One reason families often choose this care option as it tends to cost the least. However, insurance doesn’t cover this type of care.

Home Health Workers

Individuals in this position monitor the health of the patient. They do so by taking their vital signs and following their overall condition. In addition, they take on some, if not all, of the tasks of a personal care aide. The main difference is these caregivers must be trained and certified. Families typically pay slightly more for this care.

Certified and Licensed Nursing Assistants

A caregiver working as a CNA or LNA is trained to handle certain medical tasks, such as changing dressings or monitoring infections. Their work is overseen by a Nurse Practitioner or a Registered Nurse. The CNA may also handle tasks such as providing dental help or feeding the client. Their fee is higher than that of a home health worker as a result.

Nursing Providers

Anyone wishing to work as a nursing provider must be licensed through the state and meet the federal standards regarding health and safety. Their duties include managing, observing and evaluating the care of the client while providing care that home health aides and nonmedical professionals are unable to. This may include the administration of IV drugs and changing dressings. Some undergo additional training in different types of therapy. Insurance may cover this type of care.

Registered Nurses

A registered nurse has obtained an associate’s degree or higher. Furthermore, they’ve successfully completed the NCLEX-RN and met all licensing requirements. Caregivers in this field provide direct care and may assist other medical professionals in carrying out a procedure. This is only one of many tasks they carry out in a day.

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