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Tips for At-Home Dry Skin Therapy in Chevy Chase, MD

Dry skin is a condition that can be both painful and embarrassing. Sometimes, people that suffer from dry skin also experience social anxiety. Luckily, Dry Skin Therapy in Chevy Chase MD can sometimes be performed at home before professional care is needed.

1. Almond oil can be massaged onto the face or other affected areas. This oil can be found at natural food stores and is an excellent remedy for dry skin. The massage should be performed before bedtime.

2. Mash an overripe banana onto the face, neck, or any other affected area. Leave the mashed paste on for approximately 20-30 minutes to let the nutrients soak into the skin. Wash the area with lukewarm water. The results can be felt almost immediately.

3. A regular exercise regimen is widely known to be beneficial for many things, but many people do not know it is also great for relieving dry skin. This is because exercise stimulates circulation in the body. The increase in blood flow brings nourishment to the skin.

4. Foods that are high in both vitamin A and vitamin B should be added to the diet. These foods include mushrooms, sweet potatoes, spinach, eggplant, and Brussels sprouts, among many other delicious options. Regularly eating a healthy diet is a can’t-lose way to maintain both healthy skin and overall health of the entire body.

5. Applying egg yolk to the face or other affected areas and leaving on for approximately 15 minutes on a daily basis is also known to bring relief to dry skin. This is due to the biotin that is found naturally in the egg yolk.

There are times when simple at-home remedies are not enough and more professional and clinical methods are needed. In these instances, a reputable and experienced company such as should be utilized for Dry Skin Therapy in Chevy Chase MD. Not only is a trained staff in the best interests of someone who is suffering from extremely dry skin that simply cannot be remedied at home, but there will be immediate access to the best cutting-edge and proven methods for relieving and curing the source of the condition.

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