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Is Your Cat in Need of Veterinary Medical Services in Phoenix MD?

One of the most difficult parts of owning a cat is knowing when they are ill or injured and require Veterinary Medical Services Phoenix MD. Knowing when to take a cat to see the vet is crucial for their health and wellbeing. Unfortunately, cats cannot tell their owner when something is amiss, so the owner must rely on subtle and not-so-subtle clues to ensure they keep track of their cat’s health and are prepared, should a vet visit be needed.

Unfortunately, cats are very good at hiding their pain. This is a survival instinct that prevents their prey from attacking them when they are unable to defend themselves. Regrettably, this survival instinct makes it very difficult for an owner to know when their cat is injured, in pain and needs medical attention. As a good rule of thumb, it is important cat owners seek veterinarian care anytime their cat begins acting strangely. Cats who are hurting will often hide or become more lethargic than usual.

Changes in appetite are a hallmark sign of problems with a cat. In some cases, a cat may eat less or stop eating at all. Some illnesses can actually cause a cat to each much more than they normally do. It is important for cat owners to pay careful attention to their feline’s eating habits so they will know if changes begin to occur so they can seek Veterinary Medical Services Phoenix MD.

When litter box use begins to change, cat owners need to make sure they are vigilant and find out why. If the visits are becoming more or less frequent, the cat is missing the box, or seems to be struggling to urinate or defecate; it is time to take them to the vet. Many illnesses will begin to show in the litter box habits of a cat, so this is always an area to keep a close watch on.

If your cat is in need of veterinarian care, contact Companion Animal Care Center. You can also learn more information about their services when you visit online at their website. They will care for your cat and keep them healthy and strong.

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