Three Reasons You Need a Family Doctor

by | Nov 28, 2017 | Family Medicine


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While most Americans have received medical care of some kind during the last year, relatively few have a family doctor of their own. The reasons given for neglecting to establish oneself as a patient with a primary care provider are varied, but here are a few reasons why you and your family absolutely should search for a local family doctor:

Your Doctor Tracks Your Medical History

Seeing the same doctor again and again allows for familiarity with your and your families’ individual health needs and concerns. When a patient is seen by the same physician or practice from youth through adulthood, a clearer picture of their overall health can be seen and used to judge best-fitting treatment options.

Your Doctor Can Treat More than You May Think

Another reason people neglect to see a primary care physician is that they believe the treatment options in these offices are limited. However, many of the injuries and illnesses that people visit hospitals and urgent care centers for can actually be treated right inside your family doctor’s office – often for far less of an investment of time and money on the part of the patient.

Your Doctor Can Help You Find the Right Specialists

It can be difficult to choose, secure and appointment with and pay for specialist treatment when you need it. Your doctor can help you with all of this. By consulting with your primary care physician, you can find specialists in your area that are capable of treating your particular illnesses or injuries properly, and who take your insurance. Some specialists won’t actually see you without a physician referral, so be sure to visit your family care doctor first to get one.

If you and your loved ones don’t have a family doctor, resolve to establish yourself with one as promptly as possible. You never know when your next illness or injury might arise! Sugar Land area families can consult Medwin Family Medicine and Rehab for more information on health care services and to find a family doctor nearby.

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