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The Convenience of Antigen Rapid COVID-19 Test Kits From a U.S. Supplier

A huge demand has grown for an antigen rapid test kit for home use to check for a COVID-19 infection. The convenience compared with needing to go to a clinic or another testing site is substantial. That’s especially the case when people don’t feel well and suspect they may have come down with the disease.

Stopping the Spread

An antigen rapid test kit is intended to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Anyone who knows or believes there has been contact with COVID can be tested for infection. Many people never develop symptoms or only have mild effects, but they can still infect others. In contrast, some individuals didn’t know about their exposure to the virus but have developed symptoms characteristic of COVID-19.

Positive and Negative Results

A positive test result lets this person know it’s important to quarantine for a recommended time frame. False-positive results with these devices are rare.

If the results are negative, the individual can go about life as usual for the next day or two unless there are unpleasant symptoms. The symptoms could be connected with seasonal influenza or, if relatively mild, the common cold.

The Centers for Disease Control recommends performing another test after at least 24 hours. That’s because the results could be negative when the coronavirus infection is in its earliest stage. The second test could turn out positive.

Concluding Thoughts

The availability of convenient home test kits is a relief to many people as the pandemic continues. To learn more about one supplier, interested individuals may visit the website .

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