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How to Find a Licensed Doctor That Does Integrative Medicine in Del Mar, CA

Are you looking for a specialist in integrative medicine in Del Mar, CA? If you’ve been feeling the ravages of age, you may want to visit one and start healing. A unique body demands a unique approach to wellness, and the doctors here can help.

Integrative Medicine in Del Mar, CA

Each patient receives a tailored treatment, and they must undergo testing at first. Once the doctor understands your health, they can develop personalized treatment protocols.

Advanced Testing

First, you’ll go through a testing battery to discover any health concerns and their cause. Testing the gut’s microbiome can be insightful, leading to nuanced discoveries. Plus, the doctors can see if you’re sensitive to environmental toxins.

Naturopathic Medicine

After discovering the root cause of a health concern, it’s time to treat it naturally. The center will give you a personalized nutrition program aiming to heal the gut. Also, they can prescribe botanical medicine, so don’t worry about pharmaceuticals. You won’t deal with as many side effects, even though the benefits are palpable.

Regenerative Medicine

Age has a massive impact on the body, especially living in the West. Your metabolism will heal after restoring its natural balance with NAD+ infusions. Plus, they can use exosome therapy to rejuvenate the skin, muscles, and ligaments. A licensed doctor may give you a platelet-rich plasma infusion to restore hormones. As a result, your body will return to its natural equilibrium, restoring health and vigor.

The Wellness Club at Tulsi runs an integrative wellness center in California. Visit them at their website to learn more.

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