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The Benefits of Opting For an Open MRI in Orlando For Claustrophobia

If you suffer from claustrophobia, the thought of going through an MRI procedure can be nerve-wracking. However, you may be able to opt for an open MRI at your Orlando clinic. To help ease your mind, here are several benefits of opting for an open Orlando MRI for claustrophobia.

Your Movements Are Not Restricted

There are no walls surrounding you in an open MRI machine, so you do not have to worry about your movements being restricted. This means you can lie in a comfortable position during the procedure. There is something about feeling comfortable that can make the procedure an easier experience.

You Are Not Enclosed in a Small Space

When you opt for an open Orlando MRI for claustrophobia, you do not have to worry about feeling trapped inside a small space. The machine does not include any walls around your body, which creates a more open feeling. You can easily look around the room to keep calm, and you may even be able to have a friend nearby for support.

The Machine Does Not Make Much Noise

The noise of an MRI machine can increase your anxiety, but you do not have to worry about a noisy environment with an open MRI machine. Open MRI machines do not make as much noise as traditional MRI machines, which can help you focus on staying calm during the procedure.

If you are looking to schedule an open Orlando MRI for claustrophobia, consider an open MRI of Orlando. You can learn more about this facility and schedule an appointment at

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