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Take Your Wig to the Next Level With a Spray that Matches Your Skin

When you choose to wear a wig, you are either trying to make a splash with a new look or doing your best to get the look you always had. A wig can help you to experiment with different lengths, styles, and colors. If you are thinking about a new hairstyle, a wig is a good place to start. You’ll figure out if that’s what you want. Regardless of why you have decided to wear a wig, you want it to appear to be natural hair. Wig spray is an important component of wig care that can help you to achieve your goal.

Why Do You Need Wig Spray?

Nobody says anything about the lace cap inside your wig. It needs to be the same color as your skin tone. If it isn’t, everyone will know it when they see the part or if a good breeze lifts your hair. Do-it-yourself attempts to cover the part can be a struggle. Most people try to use makeup. The problem is the makeup is going to come off. It can get on the wig. You may have trouble finding a match. You need a spray that was specifically created to dye the lining inside your wig.

See the Difference a Spray Can Make for Your Wig

You have three basic shades of wig spray. You can go with a light brown, a medium brown, or a dark brown. If you feel that those shades aren’t quite right, try combining them until you get what you want. You could buy an inexpensive costume wig to experiment until you get the shade you want. Once you apply the spray, you need to give it a chance to dry. Otherwise, you can use your hairdryer if you want to make your wig treatment go faster. Once the dye is on the cap of your wig, it is permanent. Don’t worry about the heat or the rain. That dye will not run. You’ll be able to wear your wig with confidence, knowing it is blending in to look natural.

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