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Subutex Doctors

How can you find a subutex doctor? There are a few easy ways to find a qualified doctor. One excellent resource can be found at This website matches patients with nearby doctors. You answer a short list of questions first and then, doctors in your area can review your answers and contact you through the system. The doctors will not get any of your personal information.

Another option to find subutex doctors is to look at the website for SAMHSA. This website allows you to search by city, state and zip code to find subutex doctors in your area. This is a fairly good, complete listing of registered doctors. The only problem may be that some listed doctors are no longer prescribing MAT medications such as buprenorphine, suboxone, subutex and zubsolv. You may have to make a few phone calls.

If you are in the South Florida region, particularly Broward County or Fort Lauderdale, there are some excellent addiction treatment doctors. Because of the nature of this particular region, it is important to look for a doctor who does not prescribe addicting substances at the same location, such as pain meds, marijuana or other highly addicting substances.

There are also other various websites to find qualified doctors in your region. For each of the brands of these addiction treatment medications, you will find on their website a physician locator page. Unfortunately, you will not find a brand page for subutex. This is brand is not currently available and is known by its generic name, buprenorphine.

While subutex as a brand is no longer available, it was one of the first brands on the market of this class of effective addiction treatment medications. As such, the name, subutex, is commonly used to refer to the entire class. A subutex doctor is a term often used for any doctor who is actively qualified and experienced at treating opioid and opiate addiction with medication and therapy.

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