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Reasons to Have Nasal Surgery in Bethlehem, PA

Every year, over 300,000 patients across the nation have nasal surgeries. Nasal Surgery in Bethlehem PA is less complicated today than ever, but it is still generally considered a last resort to be turned to only after patients have failed to respond to non-invasive medical treatments. For those who suffer from serious sinusitis, though, it may be the most effective option.

Improve Drainage

Nasal surgery can improve mucus drainage within the sinuses by removing blockages. Whether these blockages consist of infected, damaged, or swollen tissue, bone, polyps or other growths, or foreign objects, there is no better way to remove them than nasal surgery.

Avoid Reinfection

There are some circumstances under which Nasal Surgery in Bethlehem PA does not completely eliminate symptoms of sinusitis. In instances where the infection is not effectively cleared up, patients may need to head in for a second surgery. However, use of home treatments and other medical options like taking antibiotics is often quite effective at preventing the need for a second surgery.

Treating Fungal Infections

While bacterial sinus infections can generally be treated with antibiotics and other prescription medications, fungal infections can only be treated with surgery. A qualified specialist must be consulted to accurately diagnose the fungal infection and suggest this treatment option.

Removing Polyps

Nasal polyps are diagnosed using a CT scan. CT scans should only be performed after patients have already undergone four to six weeks of conventional medical treatment, as it is essential to reduce the amount of swelling present in the nasal cavities so that doctors can accurately determine the source of the swelling and blockage. Once nasal polyps have been discovered, they must be removed via surgery to permanently address the drainage problems they cause.

Preventing More Serious Infections

Nasal surgery is sometimes necessary to prevent the spread of serious infections beyond the patient’s sinuses. However, infections that spread beyond the confines of the nasal cavity are rare.

Speak With a Specialist Today

Patients who are sick of dealing with chronic or recurring sinus infections can speak with a specialist about their options today. Visit  to learn more about a local clinic that can help patients get started on this process.

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