Sports Glasses in Adrian, MI Can Give Athletes a Competitive Edge

by | Sep 22, 2016 | Health


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Good vision is essential for competing in any type of sport or outdoor recreational activity. While some athletes may choose to wear contact lenses, it’s not unusual for lenses to dry out after prolonged physical activity. Though everyday eyeglasses don’t tend to cause dryness, they are not a smart choice when participating in sports. Customized Sports Glasses in Adrian MI give athletes a comfortable eyewear option that is safe and looks great.

Leave Ordinary Eyeglasses at Home

Standard glasses tend to shift and move around while exercising, especially when competing in high-impact sports. This can impair vision and tends to slow a person down. Although regular glasses can affect an athlete’s peak performance level, it’s their lack of safety that is most disturbing. Eyeglasses that don’t have a high safety rating can easily break or shatter, resulting in unnecessary eye injuries or facial cuts.

Enjoy Additional Protection with Tinted Sports Glasses

A long day in the sun, while golfing, biking, or playing volleyball, is an enjoyable experience, but it can lead to overexposure from eyes that aren’t protected. Damaging UV radiation can cause an uncomfortable and painful eye condition called photokeratitis. Left unchecked, photokeratitis can even lead to cornea damage. Tinted sports glasses are a simple remedy that keeps eyes protected while allowing sports enthusiasts to participate in their favorite outdoor activities.

Help Eyes Adjust to Changing Light Conditions

Trying to tolerate sun glare while competing is anything but pleasant. Blinding rays can easily cause temporary vision impairment and lead to accidents. Purchasing a pair of polarized Sports Glasses in Adrian MI helps to reduce glare and enhance playing capability. Some sports glasses even feature an anti-reflective coating and can be worn at night to eliminate the glare from artificial lighting sources. Photochromic glasses are another popular eyewear option that transition automatically to adapt to varying levels of sunlight.

For a large assortment of name-brand styles, visit . Their fashionable sports glasses provide a safe alternative to regular eyewear without compromising your level of vision. Anklin Eye Care’s staff can provide customers with the undivided attention they need to select glasses that meet their specific needs.

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