Neck Pain And Chiropractic Care

by | Sep 28, 2016 | Health


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The first seven vertebrae from the base of the skull is the cervical spine, better known as the neck. These seven rather small vertebrae have to carry the weight of the head which averages about 12 pounds. With a combination of this weight coupled with constant motion in every direction, the neck is extremely susceptible to injury and Chicago neck pain.

Common causes of neck pain:

   * Accident injury: When the head is suddenly forced in any direction it will rebound, this is referred to as “whip lash.” This rapid rebound causes injury to surrounding tissue that supports the head and neck. This injury results in a rapid tightening and contracting of the muscles which results in pain and stiffness. The most common cause of whiplash is car accidents.

   * Life style: Poor posture, being overweight and poor muscle tone often are the cause of spinal imbalance, this causes the head to hang forward of the body’s natural center of gravity. Emotional stress can cause muscle tension and poor posture can cause neck pain which extends into the shoulders and upper arms.

Chiropractic care of neck pain:

When you first approach a chiropractor for treatment, he or she will examine you to determine the source of the pain and question you about the symptoms; the chiropractor will want to know:

   * How long have you had the pain?
   * Have you tried anything to relieve it?
   * Is the pain anywhere else or just in the neck?

The chiropractor will observe your posture, the range of motion you have and your overall physical condition. The chiropractor will note the condition of your spine, noting any curvature and feel for muscle spasms.

Chicago neck pain can be tested with a neck adjustment. This adjustment improves the mobility of the neck and spine, increasing motion in the muscles. The result is an improvement in mobility, turning and tilting the head become easier with less pain and stiffness.

If you suffer Chicago neck pain you are well advised to visit a chiropractor, who, through manipulation, can ease the pain and stiffness. You are invited to make an appointment with Chicago Chiropractic & Sports Injury Centers.

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