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Reasons to Seek Help From a Wheat Allergy Doctor in Evansville, IN

Wheat allergies are more common than many people realize. This is because some people will experience severe reactions while others may have mild ones that the attribute to other factors. Before making another sandwich, it makes sense to see a wheat allergy doctor in Evansville IN and undergo testing. Here are some of the more common signs that an allergy may be present.

Skin Rashes

It’s not unusual for someone with an allergy to notice rashes developing shortly after consuming certain foods. Depending on how much is consumed, the rash may become itchy and somewhat painful. Since wheat is found in all sorts of products, it makes sense to find out if it happens to be the underlying cause. A visit with a Wheat Allergy Doctor in Evansville IN will determine if wheat in any form needs to be eliminated from the diet.

Problems With the Gastrointestinal System

Food allergies, in general, can create a lot of distress in terms of gastric function. Some people find that they develop diarrhea within hours of consuming something that they should be avoiding. Others will experience severe cramps that take hours to fade away. It’s not unusual for the individual to feel a sudden urge to regurgitate. Even if nothing comes up, the heaving may continue.

Problems with the Throat and Mouth

Food allergies can cause a great deal of swelling. Along with making the face bloated, the individual may feel as if the throat is closing. That’s due to the inflammation triggered by the allergy. Since this can make breathing difficult, the best approach is to seek help as quickly as possible. Allergy testing will confirm if wheat or some other food is the cause of this type of reaction.

Just about all of the symptoms associated with a wheat allergy can also be triggered by other health problems. Before assuming the underlying cause is something other than an allergy, contact us today and schedule an appointment. By undergoing a series of tests, it’s possible to assess the reaction to many common allergens, identify what is causing the difficulty, and learn how to make good choices that will not trigger the distress.

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