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Why Undergo Nasal Surgery in Bethlehem?

With approximately 300,000 nose surgeries occurring every year in the U.S., rhinoplasty is at the forefront of facial interventions in America. In fact, in the United States and other countries around the world, it ranks fifth in all aesthetic operations combined. Developed by an Austrian doctor more than a century ago, surgical remodeling of the nose has evolved a lot in recent years. One thing that potential patients should never skimp out on is choosing a reliable doctor to perform the Nasal Surgery in Bethlehem.

To refine it, to straighten it, to correct a somewhat drooping or somewhat broad-pointed nose, the first step is to schedule an appointment with an ENT to make sure this is what you want. The surgeon will ask the patient what they like and dislike about their nose and why they want to change it. How does Nasal Surgery in Bethlehem work? The surgeon photographs the patient and examines his or her nose from all angles, including inside their nose. The practitioner explains the operation, which usually takes place under general anesthesia and the consequences of such a procedure. They may choose to reshape the nose in a closed way, by cutting through the nostrils, or by an open way, which will leave a small scar at the base of the nose, and possibly on the sides. In some cases, a correction of the chin may be necessary. Never hesitate to get a second opinion.

Is ultrasonic nasal surgery better? It is up to the surgeon and the patient to determine what technique should be used. This option involves reshaping the bony part of the nose using ultrasound instruments smaller than traditional tools. The advantage? The procedure is more accurate than others, which reduces the risk of breaking the bone in the wrong place when the need arises. And, as it does not alter the skin or the vessels, the patient does not experience as much pain. The disadvantage: the intervention lasts longer, therefore costs more. Lastly, is nasal surgery possible without having an operation? By injecting hyaluronic acid, one can conceal a minimal defect, fill a hollow nose (one can also correct a falling point by injecting the botulinum toxin). Visit  for more details.

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