Reasons To Consider Lincoln Park Chiropractic

by | Dec 4, 2017 | Chiropractic


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If you’re in pain and traditional medicine doesn’t seem to be helping, you may want to consider a holistic approach to healthcare. While medication can be helpful and necessary in some cases, it sometimes masks the pain or problem and comes back all the time. In these cases, it may be best to consider Lincoln Park chiropractic care because they treat the symptoms and try to find the problem first.


While many chiropractors use tools to help adjust the body or apply heat and electricity to the affected areas, they rarely use pills. They may use lotion or numbing cream so that they can work the muscle without causing more discomfort, but the overall effect is that they do not use pills and invasive forms of therapy, such as surgery.

Better Quality Of Life

Most people can still function or find different ways to operate with their pain. Ask anyone on the street, and they’re likely to say that they have back and neck pain but just deal with it using medicine and muscle relaxers. Instead of walking around in pain all the time, Lincoln Park chiropractic care can help. It may take a few sessions before you start feeling like yourself again, but you should see some improvement immediately.

Just remember that such spinal manipulations can cause some soreness because your body is being shifted back into place. Expect to feel a little sore. You can ask your chiropractor if ice or moist heat may help with the soreness.

Better Sleep

When your body is relaxed and comfortable, it’s much easier to fall asleep and reduce tossing and turning, as well.

Lincoln Park chiropractic can help with your pain and may even help you sleep better and reduce headaches. Visit Chicago Chiropractic & Sports Injury Centers today to get an appointment.

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