Potential Benefits of Waxing Over Shaving

by | Nov 10, 2016 | Beauty Care


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When it comes to hair removal, there are a few different options, but the most commonly chosen tend to be either shaving or waxing. Choosing between these can require a small amount of consideration and it may be best to give both options a try to see which works out better for you in the long run. Each type of hair removal method has its own pros and cons.

Pain and Risk of Injury

With waxing, there isn’t much of a risk of injury. The main thing that could possibly go wrong is for the wax to be too hot and burn you, but this isn’t all that common of an occurrence. The process of getting the hair pulled out by the roots after the wax has been applied can be quite painful, however, especially for those who haven’t had the process done before and aren’t sure of what to expect. On the other hand, shaving isn’t painful at all unless you manage to nick yourself. These little cuts can really sting and tend to be relatively common, especially around the trickier areas to shave, such as the ankles and knees.

Look and Feel of the Results

Waxing really pulls ahead of shaving when it comes to the resulting look and feel of the skin. The wax removes dead skin cells as well as the hair, making even the skin look better and eliminating the whole hair so there isn’t any risk of stubble, just a smooth looking and feeling span of skin. With shaving, the skin can wind up with a rash and stubble quickly returns, sometimes in as little as a day, meaning that it is an everyday event for many people. Waxing also makes it so when hair does grow back, it appears to be less thick. This is because different hairs grow at different rates, so removing the hairs at the roots means that only about 1/3 of the hair will appear at first when it starts to come back again.

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