Commonly Asked Questions About Laser Hair Rejuvenation Treatments In Lancaster, PA

by | Nov 14, 2016 | Health


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In Pennsylvania, an innovative technique is used to rejuvenate hair growth. The treatment is provided through a cosmetic clinician in a short amount of time. It is known for producing long-lasting results that enhance the patient’s aesthetic appeal. The following are commonly asked questions about Laser Hair Rejuvenation Treatments in Lancaster PA.

Why are More Men Turning to Laser Treatments for Hair Replacement?

This effective method helps men regrow their hair through a series of treatments. The procedure isn’t invasive like hair transplant procedures. It consists of the use of low-level lasers to stimulate hair growth. The treatments don’t lead to downtime that prevents them from maintaining their daily routines.

How Does the Process Work?

The clinician uses laser diodes that transfer energy to the scalp tissue. It uses a wavelength of compressed light that generates a cooling effect. It penetrates the hair follicles and stimulates the microcirculation by promoting protein synthesis. It also enables cellular metabolism.

Is the Treatment Safe?

Since the procedure involves a cooler form of laser treatment, it doesn’t lead to burns or damage. The patient won’t sustain the burns often associated with heated laser treatments. The low-level lasers are a safer choice for hair rejuvenation.

What Amount of Time is Needed to Complete the Process?

The standard hair rejuvenation treatments take about twenty minutes to complete. The duration applies to treatment for the entire head. However, treatments that target a smaller area don’t require as much time to complete. For maximum results, the patient will undergo, on average, up to seventy treatments.

What is the Average Cost of the Treatment?

The average cost of laser hair rejuvenation treatment is $799. This cost applies to an overall laser treatment. However, the cost of treatment is based on the patient’s individual requirements and needs. This cost is based on each individual treatment.

In Pennsylvania, men undergo a new and exciting procedure to replace thinning hair. The treatment doesn’t lead to pain and discomfort. They don’t require an extensive amount of time to complete. Patients who wish to undergo Laser Hair Rejuvenation Treatments in Lancaster PA contact BeBalanced Center or visit the website today.

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