Oculoplastic Procedures: What to Know

by | Dec 12, 2018 | Optometrists


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Oculoplastic procedures are surgeries completed around the eyes, the MedlinePlus explains. If you need to have a procedure done on your eyelids, eye sockets, and eyebrows, then the first order of business is to look for an Oculoplastic center in Jacksonville FL. Procedures on your face, forehead, cheek and tear ducts are also regarded as oculoplastic procedures.

Reasons for the procedure

People who have droopy eyelids need to get the procedure, especially if the eyelids are starting to impair their vision. Those who suffer from inward or outward eyelids, eye problems caused by thyroid disease and skin cancer around or in the eyes will need to undergo oculoplastic procedures as well. Others also go under the knife for cosmetic reasons.

Choosing a surgeon

If you’re undergoing surgery, one of the most important decisions you’ll need to make is to choose a surgeon at an Oculoplastic center in Jacksonville FL. Keep in mind that the skill and expertise of your surgeon will reduce the chances of complications and risks after the surgery. Also, someone with the right credentials and qualifications as well as years of experience in the field can easily guarantee successful results.

Preparation for the surgery

Before the surgery, you’ll need to stop taking any medicines that thin your blood. Let your doctor know if you’re taking any, though. If you smoke, kick the habit. If you can’t, stop smoking for about two to three weeks before and after the surgery to promote the healing process. Furthermore, don’t forget to make arrangements for after surgery as well. Someone will have to drive you home from the surgery after surgery as you won’t be in any condition to drive.

Getting help

Whatever procedure you happen to need, do a bit of research to help you choose the right surgeon and facility for you. That’s going to give you the peace of mind you need.

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