A New, Yet Traditional Concept of Care at an Outpatient Medical Clinic in Kihei

by | Sep 4, 2017 | Health Care


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An outpatient Clinic in Kihei provides medical care for patients who do not need to go to an emergency room or be hospitalized. The practitioners see patients through appointments set ahead of time for wellness checkups and other exams and provide urgent care services as well. Service for urgent care at general medical clinics is increasingly prevalent, whereas decades ago it was difficult for most patients to see doctors quickly without going to the ER.

Urgently Seeking Care

Years ago, some fortunate individuals lived within easy driving distance of a clinic that would accept walk-in patients. The historical record is not totally complete, but it seems that these clinics began for the most part in the early 1970s. They sometimes were situated in unlikely places, such as in a very small town about 20 miles from a city of 50,000 people with no walk-in clinics whatsoever.

House Calls of Long Ago

Other patients actually were able to receive home visits from medical doctors. This service disappeared almost entirely by the late 1960s before starting to show signs of life again in the 21st Century. The cost of those visits used to be affordable, but that is no longer the case for most residents.

Urgent but Not Life-Threatening

An urgent care Clinic in Kihei offers an effective solution for people who should see a medical practitioner relatively quickly but do not need care for a life-threatening illness or injury. One patient may have a severely sprained ankle while another is pretty sure a sore throat is infected with strep. A parent may want to bring a toddler in for treatment for a painful ear infection. They shouldn’t wait for several days for an appointment, but they also don’t need the hospital ER.

A Revival of Personalized Attention

The concept of a clinic such as Wailea Medical Center offering urgent care and medical service for patients who don’t have an appointment on the calendar is really nothing new, but rather a revival of personalized medical attention that once was significantly more common. In a location like this, tourists, as well as residents, are likely to be seen at the clinic. Click here to learn more about health care at this facility. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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