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Benzo Detox and Rehab: How to Prepare for What’s Ahead

The death of a 10 year-old kid due to drug overdose on the Washington Post is just another sign of how rampant the drug addiction problem has become. Don’t want to be another statistic? Seek out treatment for your benzo addiction.

Undergoing withdrawal isn’t going to be an easy road ahead, though. But knowing what you’re going to face when you go through detox and rehabilitation can better prepare you for what’s to come:

Effects on the mind and body

Benzo are used as depressants. Abuse of the drug, however, causes damage to the GABA (gamma amino butyric acid) receptors in your brain. With those receptors compromised, your limbic system suffers. You might feel fear, terror or debilitating panic as a result. That’s because the calming chemicals provided by the drug are no longer in your system.

Withdrawal symptoms

After prolonged abuse of the drug, withdrawal symptoms will likely include severe depression as well as fatigue and weakness. Dizziness is also a common symptom as is a burning sensation on your skin, says the Addiction Blog. In some cases, the withdrawal symptoms can be life-threatening and result in obsessive, hyperactive or hysterical behavior.

Treatment and rehabilitation

Finding Benzo detox options in Florida is key to your recovery. If you’re ready to seek out help and find ways to stop benzodiazepine abuse from controlling your life, then exploring treatment options is crucial.

Symptom relief

One of the worst parts of the withdrawal process is dealing with pain that’s concentrated on the neck and shoulders as well as arms and legs. Muscle spasms and twitching as well as vibrations and a sensation called ‘jelly legs’ have also been reported. By finding alternative Benzo detox treatment options in Florida, you can find better ways to find better ways to ease and relieve the pain and discomfort.

Types of treatment

For most people, inpatient treatment options can prove impractical. Outpatient, one on one sessions and family sessions provide patients undergoing Benzo withdrawal with greater flexibility and control over their sessions and treatments. Consult a doctor to know which one is right for you.

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