Mobility Aids for Outpatients and Independent Living in Pittsburgh PA

by | May 17, 2016 | Healthcare


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We would all like to remain in the peak of health and physical capability throughout our lives. But nature’s great nasty little trick on all of us -;age and disability-; may hit anyone at any time. Even persons who are still relatively young can suffer a disabling injury or chronic medical condition that robs them of the power of full mobility. And nobody wants to lose the capacity for independent living at any age.

Fortunately, a variety of auxiliary devices are available to assist persons inflicted with varying degrees of disability. These help in maintaining the capacity for reasonable mobility and the enjoyment of an independent existence. The home healthcare industry has solved the problems connected with providing Mobility Aids in Pittsburgh PA to outpatients and disability sufferers which restores them to a lifestyle of relative comfort, ease, and movement. Heart patients or those who no longer have full use of their legs who live in two story homes can have convenient, fully functional stair lifts installed on staircases so they can continue to have full access throughout the house. Lift-chairs, designed for function, style and comfort, can gently boost the outpatient to a standing position without the aid of a caregiver, and slowly lift him or her back down into a comfortable sitting or reclining position.

For outdoor mobility, manual or electric wheelchairs and mobile scooter chairs allow otherwise disabled persons to move about with the same general degree of freedom as any person with two legs. The scooter chair especially allows longer distance travel across city blocks and around the shopping mall or downtown, and can mount any auxiliary oxygen tanks for assisted breathing. With the installation of ramps at the home and carriers on a car’s rear bumper, an outpatient can have the same degree of freedom as any person in today’s world. Walkers allow persons with partial use of their legs to move about at their own speed, providing full support as they work their leg muscles, and can have detachable baskets clipped on for convenient carrying of packages, purses, or grocery bags.

Contact McArdle Surgical for more information. They can better assist disabled persons and their families equip themselves with Mobility Aids in Pittsburgh PA to facilitate or restore to them a fully independent lifestyle.

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