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Choose Voluma To Lift And Contour Your Cheek Area

Voluma is hyaluronic acid filler that has been formulated to restore areas of the face where there has been volume loss. The common areas of concern are the cheeks, chin and jaw line.

According to leading cosmetic surgeons, an attractive face is one that has smooth, rounded contours accompanied by high cheekbones and a well defined jaw line. It is these features that form what is commonly known as the “facial triangle.”

As people age they tend to lose facial fat, their skin is also affected by gravity as well as the loss of natural elasticity. Over time, the typical facial triangle which has the base on top and the apex at the chin become reversed, the result is a wide jaw and a narrower forehead.

   *   How does Voluma work?

Voluma in Chicago is an FDA approved product which is injected directly into the cheeks and chin. The product is a colorless gel that not only restores volume to the face; it delivers nutrients that help the skin retain natural moisture and softness.

   *   How long does the effect last?

Although the effects will vary between patients, it is not unusual for the effects to last as long as 18 months. Voluma is perfectly safe although certain patients with specific allergies should consult with their plastic surgeon. A typical treatment lasts no more than an hour and the results are visible instantly.

   *   Who is a candidate for Voluma treatment?

Most people who request Voluma in Chicago are aged from 30 up. Anyone that experiences facial volume loss as a result of aging or extreme weight loss can benefit tremendously from treatment.

   *   Are there any side effects?

Voluma is mixed with a numbing agent; as a result very little discomfort is felt during the treatment. As with any other face filler, there may be mild swelling and redness but nothing that lasts for more than a day or two.

In clinical studies, patients that were treated with Voluma in Chicago perceived themselves as looking five years younger within six months of treatment. Contact The Michael Horn Center for Cosmetic Surgery for more information. Follow us on

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