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Medical Marijuana, Available in Maryland with an MMCC Identification Card

When people think about marijuana users, there is a natural tendency to think predominately about the younger generation. It may come as a surprise, but the largest spenders on medical marijuana in Maryland are those in the 45 to 65 age group.

People in this age group have grown up during a period of time that was witnessing the rising awareness of cannabis for recreational use. As a result, their familiarity with it has made them less inhibited about using it as they age and begin to suffer age-related health problems.

It should come as no surprise then when research and studies indicate that older people in Maryland and other states where cannabis is legal are turning to medical marijuana for pain relief as well as end-of-life care. Two of the most common causes of pain and disability in “baby-boomers” are lower back and neck pain. With the ever-present potential for painkiller misuse, it has been forecasted that the use of cannabis for pain relief in seniors will only get bigger.

Time for Change

Easing pain caused by years of wear and tear on the hips, neck, knees, and back in an ever-increasing older population is bound to be a challenge for medical practitioners and their patients.

It seems that hardly a month goes by when a country or state announces plans to liberalize their thinking and change existing policy on cannabis for medical purposes. In the US, over 30 states now permit the use of cannabis.

It is not simply a matter of legalizing cannabis for medical purposes. There are also restrictions on the type of health-related problems that are approved. In Maryland, medical marijuana can be sold to people suffering from a number of medical issues ranging from Anorexia to PTSD.

If you are looking for a medical marijuana dispensary, visit Herbology in Maryland. For information on how to apply for an MMCC identification card, visit their website.

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