What Makes a Thai Massage in Oahu, HI Different From Other Massages?

by | Mar 14, 2018 | Health


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When the time comes to get a massage, there are several different options to choose from. While most people are familiar with a traditional massage, complete with minimal clothing and oils or lotions, many don’t know that Thai massage in Oahu HI offers its own set of benefits. Before setting the appointment, it’s important to understand how this massage is different and what the session entails.


During a traditional massage, the muscles are rubbed in order to stretch them and relax them. But with a Thai massage, parts of the body are moved and stretched to create a sense of relaxation. The practitioner manipulates a person’s body in different ways, often into different types of yoga poses, and then uses his or her body to create pressure. The goal is still to help someone relax but it often comes with the added benefit of increased flexibility.


Most people may be used to removing most of their clothing and sliding under a sheet before the massage begins. But during a Thai massage in Oahu HI, the recipient is completely clothed. Clothing should be loose fitting and comfortable to ensure that a person gets the most out of the experience. Being completely clothed makes it easier to manipulate the body into different positions and stretches without things becoming awkward.

Floor Mat

Instead of a table, the Thai massage is done on a mat on the floor. This is often perceived as unusual when compared to other types of massage. However, this gives the practitioner plenty of room to move the body in different ways. There is no need to balance on the table and everyone has plenty of room.

Are you ready to try something new when it comes time for a massage? Click here to learn more about Thai massage and set an appointment. Get the benefit of a massage that incorporates stretching and yoga, all while relaxing in an enjoyable atmosphere. Many that try the massage once go back to it over and over again because of the overall results as well as the invigorating feeling they get when the session is complete. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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