Addiction Treatment Strategies and Your Marketing Campaigns

by | Mar 14, 2018 | Addiction Treatment Center


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Let’s consider how addiction treatment strategies and marketing need to sync up for you to better recognize the value of working with expert marketing teams. To do that, though, let’s use a “for instance” example.

In our example, we are going to look at pizza. In one town there is a pizza place that makes its pies using only a classic brick oven. Nearby, in the same town, is a place that uses one of those conveyor belts styled ovens to slowly churn out pizzas, calzones, and sandwiches. Though both offer “pizza” their approaches are different, and their marketing really should reflect that. The brick oven restaurant should do all that it can to ensure shoppers understand what they get when they choose their site over the other guy. This is not just a matter of flavor, but of outcome – and addiction treatment is all about the outcome. You need your potential patients to understand what you do and even why you choose to do it that way.

This is the same reason that your addiction treatment strategies must figure strongly into your marketing campaigns. You specialize in offering those treatments and not in doing marketing. That means all small addiction treatment programs or firms offering such services should spend time finding a service that can help them with this complicate marketing.

Why is it complicated to market emphasizing addiction treatment strategies? There are few reasons. For one, you may need to highlight geography over other elements first. After all, if you are on the West Coast, you don’t want people seeking help in northern Maine to find your information before resources closer to home. Secondly, it is complex because you are going to have to incorporate your addiction treatment strategies into your SEO efforts, your content, your website, your advertising and more.

How is that done? Well, if you are wise, you let your work of this kind get done by experts. They can look at your approaches, philosophies, and strategies and create a comprehensive web of marketing methods. These will appear on your site, but also in the ongoing array of content that points back to you. For example, a blog about studies relating to addiction and your chosen strategy may point to your site. A social media story that points people in the area of your services…These are just two examples of what experts will do, and this can allow you to focus on your strategies and helping people overcome addiction.

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